Save Tulsi plant from dying; know what to do if basil plant dries up again and again



Save your basil tree from dying

Save the Tulsi tree from dying: Known as the queen of medicinal plants, the Tulsi tree is essential in every Hindu family. Tulsi is considered to be very auspicious not only for its medicinal properties but also for its Hindu traditions and values. Almost all Hindus worship the basil tree and make sure that they protect it from death. The death of the basil tree is not considered good. However, many times people testify that their basil tree dries up repeatedly. So here are some mistakes and tips to revive the basil tree and keep it healthy and green for a long time.

Which soil to use for basil plant?

When planting basil roots, remember not to give too much water as it will give rise to fungus on the roots of the tree. Therefore, choosing the right soil is the most important. Do not just plant basil on the soil, but use 80 percent soil and 30 percent sand. The advantage of this is that the mixture of soil and sand will not retain water which will protect it from decay.

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How to mix dung in the soil for basil plant?

Cow dung is very important for the plant because it is a good fertilizer. But there is a way to use it for the basil plant. Dry the dung and turn it into powder and then add it to the soil. As a result, the basil tree will remain green in every season.

Which pot to use for basil plant?

For basil, the mouth of the pot should be wide and deep. Make two holes in the bottom of the pot and place a piece of paper or clay pot on the bottom. Next, add soil with dung and sand as mentioned and add basil. This method will help keep the basil plant fresh and green.

How to water the basil tree

You can water the basil tree every day in summer, however, according to ecology, watering should not be done on Sunday. On the other hand, in winter, water the plants once every 2-3 days. Where there is no need to water the basil tree during the rainy season, actually save it from getting excess rain water as it will rot the tree.

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Pruning of Tulsi tree is very important

Keep picking the upper leaves of Tulsi otherwise the tree will grow taller with fewer leaves. If you keep pruning it from above for leaf growth, your plant will be dense and leafy.

What to do with seeds in basil

Basil seeds are also called manjari. When these seeds grow, you should pick them. If the basil plant is dry, you can re-grow the seeds in another container. You can add it to tea after drying as it has many medicinal properties.

Use epsom salt for basil

You can add epsom salt to the basil if you want. Mix one teaspoon of Epsom salt in one liter of water and sprinkle on the leaves and soil. It can be used on any tree in your garden as it keeps the plants green.

How to protect the basil plant from insects

Although insects do not attack basil plants, if you are struggling with this problem, spray neem oil on it. This problem is solved by mixing 10 drops of neem oil in one liter of water and spraying it on the leaves of the tree.



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