Shahid Kapoors Food Diaries Showcase This Delicious Fruit; See Pic


Shahid Kapoor is very busy these days promoting his pictures Jersey. He will share the screen with Mrinal Tagore in the sports drama. And, they are not leaving any stone unturned to create quite a buzz around the film. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, Shahid could not resist the moment of his meal. He re-shared a video where he was seen hanging out on a collar. Mrinal originally shared the clip. He tagged Shahid and added a minion emoji as well. When Shahid re-shared it, he added a banana emoji.

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Let’s see:


Shahid Kapoor is quite fond of food. And, his Instagram updates are enough to prove it. Regardless of the type of food, he clearly knows how to enjoy life with good food. In her busy schedule, she makes time to get a taste of her ride. A few days ago, Shahid shared a picture of a quick meal and it looks heavenly. It was a drill-worthy lick. The plate of curd bhalla with water in his mouth was garnished with lots of curd, green chutney, tamarind chutney and pomegranate. After watching her stories, all we wanted to do was go and grab a lick.

It is no secret that most of us are strong coffee lovers including celebrity Shahid Kapoor. He once expressed his love for Cholai in a fun style. Many people on social media, or rather, coffee lovers should be told, are posting videos of them using Trending Reel Audio – Lanuna Cafe. Shahid jumps on the bandwagon and makes a video that gives him various glimpses of making, drinking or offering coffee. The video begins with her shouting, “I’m making coffee, does anyone want coffee?” I’m making coffee. “In the next scene, he again comes out of his vanity van with a cup of coffee and shouts -” I’m having a cup of coffee, is anyone? “And finally, Shahid walks around the set and says, Wants because I’m having a cup of coffee. “

Well, it’s not just Shahid Kapoor, his wife Meera Kapoor is also a big foodie. And once, they got involved in a food war that eventually made us laugh. Meera posted a series of pictures showing what the two of them had on the day out. She eats her husband’s burger from the middle which is usually the most filling part. Mira writes about it in a photo that shows her sipping a soft drink. The caption read, “When I ate in the middle of SK’s burger.” The next picture was a glimpse of their war. Mira dropped a snap of the burger and wrote “It’s a picnic”. He added that “War of the Veggie Burgers” has left its Instagram between two options – Potato Tiki or McVeigh.

Shahid Kapoor is the best at what he does, whether he is acting or a foodie.



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