Shilpa Shettys “Lassi Moustache” In Punjab Will Make You Scream Relatable


There are some foods and drinks that are fine for every state in India. Traveling in this area would be incomplete without eating these delicious foods. For example, there are many fun foods in Punjab that you can’t get enough of. Be it a hearty sarason ka sag or stuffed kulchas, lip-smacking chicken or a lively lassi – these are great dishes that everyone loves. Shilpa Sethi is currently shooting an upcoming film in Patiala, Punjab. He is a big foodie, he couldn’t resist but try some of the most delicious food in the area. The actress went to Instagram to share a click of some foamy lacy on set. In the caption, he writes, “Patiala diary continues.” Let’s see:


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Shilpa Sethi ate some delicious yoghurt on the set, served in a clay pot. The yummy drink is made with yogurt and sugar and is usually served in the state as a summer coolant. “When in Punjab, do what Punjabis do. Lassi,” he shouted in the background of the video. The next story shows him drinking yogurt and enjoying every sip. The fountain of cold summer drinks even gave him a ‘mustache’, noting the marks he left on his lips. In the caption, he writes, “Lassi ‘stache,”. Check it out:


This actress is not the only one who has enjoyed Punjabi food. Recently, he also shared a picture of a hearty dish that he ate on the set – the main combination of Sarson Ka Sag and Makki Ki Roti. The delicious food was accompanied by white butter and some molasses on the side, as is the tradition of the region.

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On the work front, Shilpa Sethi was last seen in the comedy film ‘Hangama 2’. He will also star opposite Abhimanyu Dasani in the soon-to-be-released flick ‘Nikamma’. In addition to her role as a reality show judge on television, the actress recently announced a new film to star in a lead role called ‘Sukhi’.

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