Sit Back, Unwind And Indulge: Mary Lous Is The Newest All-Day Diner In Delhi


What does happiness mean to you? For us, it’s about kicking our heels, sipping a cold drink and eating some good food. If you are a foodie like us and for the delicious food that you ever find, you will definitely get a treat. A whole new dinner has entered the buzzing restaurant scene of Delhi and it is already making waves among food lovers online. Mary Lou’s Saket, the latest entrant in New Delhi and it’s all enjoyable, delicious and drum-worthy.

Trust us when we say that this dish is nothing like your usual restaurant. A relaxed and cheerful feeling immediately popped into Mary Lou’s exotic first look. The all-day dinner serves American, Asian and European-inspired fare and thus has plenty of options suitable for all types of palate. Although dinner food is always associated with comfort, the food store aims to give it an experimental touch. Chef Vaibhav Vargab is the consulting chef who designed this amazing avant-garde menu for Mary Lou.

Hungry and drink

We started our meal with a range of hungry and prominent hungry which was a good mix of many dishes. The Carrot Hummus Followed by our first pick with root chips and crunchy veggies Avo-Love Toast. The crushed avocado in this yummy dish is served with a creamy and buttery sour toast. The Mac n Truffle Croquette Cheesy treat is a brand new spin. Simultaneously crunchy and cheesy, the dish is served with truffle jalapeno mayo on the side.


Mac n Truffle Croquettes and Avo-Love Toast. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

In addition, we have collected samples Barbecue chicken wings A glazed barbecue glazed with pepper sauce. The taste profile really appealed to our palate and love for barbecue food. The Garlic and rosemary bread With Mary’s olive oil was soft and absolutely melted-face. It has an interestingly sweet ingredient that has been generously spread on top of special Sriracha butter.

For drinks, we chose to try the signature Lu l yuzu – A fresh drink made from East Asian fruit yuju, lime juice, mint and soda. The Lavender Lemonade Our next pick was a brightly colored drink that was definitely worth the ‘village’!


Lou Lou Yuzu and Truffle Chicken. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

Main courses and desserts

If you think there is variety among the hungry, wait until you see the main course menu of Mary Lou’s. From risotto to plant-based burgers, they have it all! We tried their teeth Burata and pesto flatbread That miss was very good. With creamy fresh burrata, fresh basil pesto and balsamic reduction, we didn’t get enough of it. The Truffle chicken The next dish on our radar was grilled chicken served with a creamy mascarpone truffle sauce. Creamy preparations tingled our taste buds! Finally, Cowley-Fornia love A dish that will surely appeal to all Thai food lovers. Along with the fried cauliflower and spicy coconut and chili sauce, the dish came with steamed jasmine rice on the side.


Garlic Bread and Cowley-Fornia Profits. Photo Credit: NDTV Food

We really had those two desserts from Mary Lou’s menu Vanilla milk cake And Mary’s cheesecake. Both were delicious and brought an incredibly sweet finish to our meal.

So, the next time you are looking for a place to sit, relax and enjoy – Mary Lou’s should be your best choice! We bet you will create some amazing memories with the best food.

What: Mary Lou’s

Where: Shop 149, DLF Avenue, Saket

When: 11:30 am to 12 midnight

Price for two: Rs. 1,000 for two (approximately)



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