Skype Users Can Now Call 911 From Desktop


Skype has announced that its US users can now use the platform to dial 911 from their home computer and its software can share their location with emergency services if needed.

According to The Verge, Skype is the latest addition to the list of regions with emergency service calling features. Until now it was only available in Australia, Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom.

Skype’s move to enable 911 calls comes with a few limitations, but can be important for users who still have adequate Internet connection when they lose access to a cellphone or landline in an emergency.

A ‘Notice and Disclosure’ warning that appears before choosing location-sharing, Skype warns that the service does not work like a regular phone call.

Users are encouraged not to make an emergency call via Skype while out of their home area as the call could potentially be re-routed somewhere else.

This further clarifies that a Skype breakdown, internet problem, or power outage in the area can cut off calls in situations where a traditional telephone will still work.

In addition to making 911 calls with Skype 8.80, users can now leave a five-minute voice message instead of two minutes off.

According to The Verge, users will also notice the choice of light or dark mode when making calls, send custom responses and have the ability to zoom in or out when they share their screen.



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