‘Spirituality is a science, neither mythology nor religion’


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Air Spirit in the Sun.

Two years ago, the world was virtually under house arrest due to the epidemic-induced lockdown in several countries around the world. It has been acknowledged by experts worldwide that the prevalence and long-term effects of the epidemic have largely affected the physical and mental well-being of many people. Also, the distant work and learning culture nurtured by the new normal leads to several lifestyle changes. Since then many have written and said how the path to spirituality has helped millions to balance their lives.

To learn about different aspects of the world and spirituality, we spoke to spiritual leader AIR Atman in Ravi, who is also the founder of AIR Institute of Realization and AIR Center of Enlightenment. Talking about what exactly spirituality is, he said, “Spirituality is the science of the soul, the spirit, the soul. It is the study of the energy that gives us life, the energy that gives us breath, without which there would be no death. Spirituality is a science, it is not a myth. , It is not religion And not arrogance, we are divine spirits. “

Spirituality will not change

Asked if the concept has evolved over time, he quipped that since spirituality is eternal, it will never change. “It is a relationship with the soul that is bornless and immortal. It is immortal. The world may change but spirituality does not. We are the divine spirit and it does not go through any change even though the world changes a lot, “he added.

He further mentioned that spirituality can help today’s youth to take charge of their minds, which is their biggest enemy in the language of AiR. “Spirituality can help young people understand the purpose of life. It can help young people get lost and run away and get caught in a maze. It can help young people realize the true purpose and true meaning of life. It can give us the opportunity to choose a life of eternal happiness where we can run until the end of life. “

Spirituality vs. corporate life

Before embarking on the path of spirituality, AiR was a part of the corporate world, so it was natural for her to think about whether there was a relationship between the two or whether they were harmful to each other. In response to the question, the spiritual leader said that corporate is like a prison stuck in the myth of “success is happiness”.

“When I realized that life is not a goal, but a fulfillment, I set out on a journey. Then I realized that even the ultimate peak of life is not perfection, but enlightenment. So, I stopped my business, my corporate life and took the path of spirituality. Corporate life can give us not only money, name, fame and success but spirituality can give us much more. What a corporate life or a business or success can give us is fleeting, it is fleeting. But what spirituality can give us is permanent. So I’m off the highway of achievement and on the path to enlightenment – a spiritual path, ”he said.

Talking about his journey from Robi Melwani to Atman in Robi, he further mentioned, “When I realize that Robi is not me, Robi is just a name given to me; When I realized that this body would die and people would say I was dead; When I realized that ‘I’ came first, when the first cell of the zygote was formed 9 months before Robi’s birth, then I realized that I am not the body, the body will die. I was the soul, the divine soul and it transformed me from Robi Melwani to Robi Atma. I realized that this is not just a transformation, it is a transformation. It was immutable. And it gave me tremendous peace, joy, divine love and happiness. We all have a human experience of the divine spirit. Unfortunately, we think we are people with spiritual experience. We are living in ignorance. We have to overcome the myth to realize the truth. ”

For the uninitiated, AIR Atman has written several books on Robi which deal with various topics such as finding oneself, searching for spirituality and so on. Some of his acclaimed works include ‘The A to Z of Action’, ‘The Mind Is a Rascal among others’ and ‘Who are you and why are you here’.



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