Surya Grahan 2022: Things pregnant women should avoid for their child’s safety


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Pregnant women should be careful during the eclipse so that there is no harm to the unborn child


  • It is believed that the negative energy increases suddenly during a solar eclipse
  • April 30 solar eclipse will not be seen in India
  • Pregnant women should be aware of the time of solar eclipse 2022 for the safety of their child

April 30 will see a total or partial solar eclipse around the world. This time the eclipse is expected to last for more than four hours. NASA claims that the eclipse will cover about 75 percent of the sun’s moon. However, no special solar eclipse or solar eclipse will be observed in India. But this does not mean that the people living in India will not be affected. Pregnant women, especially at this time, need to take care of certain things so that the safety of their child is not compromised and the newborn stays healthy.

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It is believed that pregnant women should not go outside while taking it as it can have a bad effect on their unborn child. Apart from religion and astrology, the reason is also scientific. The eclipse has the greatest effect on the unborn child. Also, during the eclipse, the level of negative energy in the universe suddenly increases, which has an effect on the pregnant woman.

Here’s what pregnant women should do during a solar eclipse

To avoid negativity during eclipse, pregnant women should chant the mantra in a clean place inside the house during eclipse. This will increase positivity. It is better to chant ‘Om’ while receiving.

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In addition, do not use any sharp or sharp objects during solar eclipse. It has a bad effect on the unborn child. As far as possible do not eat anything while taking. If you need food, put basil leaves in food and water.



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