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The great quest to eat less

For millions of years, Homo Sapiens stove to eat more. Food was scarce and most of the population had to spend most of their time just to get the bare minimum.

This dynamic has changed dramatically over the past century since fossil fuels gave us fertilizers that quadrupled crop yields and machines that can do the work of a hundred men. Indeed, many modern Homo Sapiens now strive (rather unsuccessfully) to eat less.

Today, those who were lucky enough to be born in affluent parts of the world consume about 50% more calories than the recommended daily allowance (which is about 2200). The results are all around us in the form of obesity and degenerative disease.

Our long evolutionary history in a world of scarcity has made it very difficult to cope with the abundance of food in our modern world.  For example, eating has an emotionally pleasant effect through the release of endorphins, creating a strong drive to find food. But this response is totally outdated in our modern world.

We are also exposed to many addictive food substances that were simply not available for the vast majority of human history. Refined sugar is a good example of a substance that puts our primitive caveman food cravings into overdrive.

Modernizing these primitive physiological responses of our brains and bodies certainly presents a challenge. But it can be done. The first step is simply to realize that these primitive responses have become counterproductive in our modern world.

So, keep this simple insight in mind and try to recall it before your next emotional eating excursion. Don’t be surprised if you start laughing in that moment as the ridiculousness of this situation truly dawns on you 🙂

Once this level of understanding is reached, there are several things that can be done to accelerate our mental modernization. The next couple of posts will further explore this topic.

PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.

Nutrition example: Hunger busters

Irrational food cravings are an accepted part of our modern civilization. It is a sad fact that the richest billion world citizens rarely eat because they are hungry even while the poorest billion citizens are permanently hungry. It is an even sadder fact that this irrational eating then drives the richest billion to obesity and degenerative disease, leading to further gross social injustices. We certainly have to do all in our power to mend our ways…

Percentage of population living on less than $1 a day.

Comfort eating is a very effective way of getting some instant pleasure when the burdens of the world become just a little bit too much. I would venture to say that almost every rich world citizen does this from time to time. However, breaking this habit can bring tremendous benefits both to you and your society. And this is where hunger busters come in.

A hunger buster is something that is healthy, filling, at least reasonably tasty and very convenient to eat. And the idea of a hunger buster is that you simply load up on these healthy foods whenever you feel an irrational food craving and then just sit back as the craving fades away. This concept has really helped me a lot and I definitely recommend that you try it.

My personal arsenal of hunger busters include water, fresh fruits, some full corn rye cakes that go very well with tea, instant oats and, most importantly, my favorite green drink. I make sure that these things are always instantly available within my healthy nutritional environment so that I can immediately bust any irrational food cravings that might suddenly attack.

You don’t have to succumb to every irrational food craving that comes your way. Build up a strong arsenal of hunger busters and you’ll be fighting off these evils in no time.