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Nutrition example: Simple detox

When talking about “detox”, most people would think of some or other miracle diet product they saw on TV. In truth, however, detox is something that our bodies do automatically each and every day. If this process is interrupted for any reason, we die within a day or two. This is actually what happens when someone dies of dehydration. When the body does not have water with which to transport toxins out of the body, all of those toxins heap up and we are poisoned from the inside out. 

The process of living produces a rather surprising amount of wastes and effectively getting rid of these toxins is one of the most important aspects of health. If these wastes are allowed to gradually build up over time, they can very easily result in serious organ damage and degenerative disease. 

From the previous paragraph, it is fairly obvious that the most important detox agent is water. Personally, I drink a glass or two every morning right after I get up (to replace all the water used in the detox process occurring in the night) and always keep a bottle of water nearby so that I can hydrate throughout the day.

Water really is the most essential thing that we ever ingest, especially in our modern culture with all of its toxic foods. But still, you should not go overboard. People have died from water overdoses and you should not drink more than around 4 liters of water per day.

Another very effective detox agent is herbal tea. Aside from the obvious benefits of the water with which the tea is made, herbal tea is also also a great source of antioxidants. These guys protect the body from dangerous free radicals – unstable molecules that are generated in the process of getting the energy out of food.

Antioxidants in herbal tea neutralize these dangerous free radicals so that they can be ejected from the body without doing any damage to your cells. I drink one cup of a very tasty herbal tea called “Rooibos” every morning and every evening to make sure that my body stays as toxin-free as possible.

So, trade your coffee for herbal tea and buy a water bottle to decorate your office desk. Your body will love you for it.