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Disease: the core business of developed nations

Most industrialized nations don’t produce much nowadays. We run huge trade deficits and our labor markets are heavily skewed towards the service sector which strives to bring the goods produced by other nations to local consumers as effectively as possible. There is one “commodity”, however, that we seem to produce with ever increasing efficiency: disease. 


It really is all about the money. The more people get sick, the more money is made by pharmaceutical companies. And yes, like all other industries, the medical industry has simply gone where the money is and, in the process, has become an illness industry instead of the wellness industry it is supposed to be. Currently, close to one in every five dollars in America are spent on health issues – more value than all manufactured goods combined.

As discussed in a previous post, 80-90% of all degenerative diseases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. This means that 80-90% of the pain and suffering, the social disruption and the financial losses can be completely avoided by simply living healthily. Really, if doctors were unanimously advocating and prescribing healthy nutrition and exercise instead of drugs, society would be much better off. But that of course will not be nearly as profitable…

The crux of the matter is this: We make lots of money by selling highly processed junk at fast food outlets. We make lots of money by selling cars and other devices that are designed to spare us even the slightest physical exertion. Then we make lots of money by “treating” the obvious diseases that originate from these self-destructive lifestyles. This is like paying one company to tear down your house and then paying another to try and build it back up again. And the worst is that we keep on repeating this process over and over again. This is sheer madness!

Please, break out of this unbelievably crazy self-destructive macro-environment we live in today. I’ve done that a long time ago and have now lived more than 1200 healthy days without even contracting as much as a common cold. It really is laughably easy.

Please watch the following video and spread the word. This madness must end now.