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Burning it off

The average American consumes about 50% more calories than that which is needed for optimal health. This would not be such a big problem if these calories were burnt off through daily exercise, but, at 600 calories per hour of running, the average American would have to run for 90 minutes a day to maintain a healthy weight. And let’s face it, very few Americans exercise for 90 minutes per week (let alone 90 minutes per day). That’s why 3 out of every 4 Americans will be overweight by 2020…

Fact: America (and the rest of the developed world) can blow as much money as they want on diet and weight-loss fads, but they will keep getting fatter until they correct their energy balance. It really is that simple.

Diabetes and obesity

Type II diabetes is one of the best examples of our self-induced degenerative disease epidemic. As shown in the infographic below, it is by far the most common type of diabetes and also the most preventable.


There is a clear link between our skyrocketing obesity levels and our skyrocketing diabetes levels.



The same old question remains: Why are we doing this to ourselves?

America’s nutrition revolution

The US is traditionally the country where money (and the consumption it brings) is valued above everything else. Their health is just one of the many things they have sold to the highest bidder and it is therefore no surprise that they are around 40th in the world in terms of life expectancy despite having by far the largest per-capita healthcare spending.

But it seems like even America is waking up to the simple truth that you are what you eat and slowly beginning to question their current model of purposefully making people sick so that the medical industrial complex can profit off their illness. Wow… if even America is catching on then surely you should too.

Save the children

Many habits get established during childhood and I’m afraid many children born in western countries today are being set up with all the wrong habits regarding nutrition and fitness. Allowing a kid to establish these terrible habits is setting him/her up for a lifelong struggle with obesity and a high likelihood of various forms of degenerative disease. Please take responsibility and save your child from this lifelong pain and suffering.