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Objective reality

Planning a journey requires two pieces of information: where you are and where you want to go. Most people have at least a rough idea of where they want to go (your personal constitution can help a lot in this regard), but few people ever acknowledge the objective reality of where they are at the moment.

For example, have you ever used a lifestyle calculator like those linked on the top left of this blog? For a mere hour of your precious time, these calculators can give a pretty good idea of where you stand on the subject of a happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable life.

Determining your true objective reality can be an awkward exercise. Ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to long-term things like building wealth for retirement, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to avoid degenerative disease, and shrinking your environmental footprint to preserve our planet for future generations.

But anyone reading these words is certainly capable of evolving beyond such primitive denial. So, be brutally honest and find out just how happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable your life really is. How far are you from the ideal version of yourself? What needs to change for you to start moving towards that ideal?

Once you have this vital intel, the journey can commence. And trust me, the destination may be lovely, but the journey is even more so.

PS: Why should you take lifestyle advice from a random guy on the internet? Good question. Take a look at the effects that these guidelines had on my life and decide for yourself.