Taking care of pets in summers: Simple DIY methods to protect furry friends from heat & keeping them cool


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After a long, cold winter, we are all relieved to see the sun, but not the heat it brings. Your pets can’t stay indoors all the time and the sun is not kind to them. Fortunately, there are simple DIY methods to protect your pets from the heat and keep them cool.

Create a shady place to relax

All pets need time outside no matter what season it is. Running on fresh grass is great but the hot sun can be really cruel for your pets. If you have an outdoor space, you may want to consider installing an umbrella or an overhead covering that can block out sunlight.

Providing shade will not only protect them from overheating but they will also protect your pet’s paws from hot pavements. You can keep a cool bed and clean water in this area.

Create a mini water park

Get a portable and inflatable pool and have a pool party on your porch or terrace! A little splash splash can keep your pet cool and it can be a great summer activity for kids and pets. Even better, call the puppies nearby and heat them up together.

For a complete swimming experience, you can visit a special swimming pool for pets and make a day out of it. Swimming is not only a great exercise for dogs, it is also one of the best activities for them in summer.

Hydration and further hydration

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your pet hydrated throughout the summer. Not only do they need access to fresh and clean water all the time, we must go the extra mile to increase their water intake as responsible foster parents.

Foods like watermelon and cucumber contain a lot of water and it is great for pets. But before you give it to your dog, you must wash all the fruits and vegetables. Also, healthy drinks mixed with prebiotics, coconut water, yogurt, chicken / meat / vegetable broth and wet foods can be added to their diet.

It is advisable to carry a bottle of cold water and a bowl wherever you go.

Comfortable clothing

Dogs do not sweat and so it can be difficult to control their body temperature. To help with this problem, you can easily make a cool vest with your old merchandise shorts or pants for your pet. Cut them out to fit your pet and sew the strings to fit. Add ice packs to large pockets of vests to keep your pets cool, especially when they are outside.

Dr. Ajay Satbig, Veterinary Officer at Wiggles.in, said, “Spray water on your dog’s stomach and legs 2-3 times a day to help control their body temperature. Dry it later.”



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