Tara Sutaria Enjoys Runny Fried Eggs And A Ham Sandwich, Declares It A Parsi


She Sutaria is an avid foodie and there is ample evidence of this in her social media handles. The actress likes to keep her fans and followers informed about her gastronomic adventures on social media. In addition to being a foodie, they also enjoy cooking. He is often seen eating a variety of foods, eating delicious food to lick himself and his loved ones’ fingers. So, what did he enjoy being late? Okay, they’ve now shared a picture of her amazing meal – a stream of fried eggs and a ham sandwich. The funky, delicious egg topped with black pepper with a ham sandwich looked absolutely hungry in the figure.

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In an Instagram story note, they touched Sutaria’s Percy roots and wrote, “There’s nothing like comfortable food in the world!” The actress also mentions the dish and says, “Queen fried eggs and a ham sandwich. This is the midnight breakfast of every Persian.”

Let’s see:


Eggs and sandwiches can be the main breakfast choice for people all over the world. If they have stories of Sutaria food in your stomach, you can try these amazing egg sandwiches at home. We have listed five delicious recipes that will help you.

1) Egg Mayo Sandwich

If you enjoy the taste of sandwiches, an egg mayo sandwich is the perfect quick solution to satisfy your appetite. This very tasty dish can be made in an instant. Make a nice quick filling with boiled eggs, mayonnaise and seasoning. Then combine it into the toasted bread. Scary! Your protein-packed egg mayo sandwich is ready. See the recipe here.

2) Egg and cheddar cheese sandwich

Would you like to load a sandwich with cheese? If so, you should definitely try this delicious egg and cheddar cheese sandwich. Perfect for a cheating day, as an afternoon snack or even a lazy breakfast. See recipe.

3) 5 minute egg sandwich

Sometimes you don’t have enough time in the morning to prepare a spacious breakfast. On busy days like these, this five minute egg sandwich recipe comes to your rescue. For this, all you need is a fluffy lip-smacking omelette made with eggs, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables of your choice. Place it between two slices of toasted bread for a delicious sandwich. Here’s the recipe.

4) Chicken ham sandwich

This delicious sandwich will definitely ask you more. If you are always looking for ways to add chicken to your diet, prepare this chicken ham sandwich for breakfast or whenever you are hungry. Combine the chicken ham pieces with just the tomato and lettuce leaves. Cover it with another slice of bread and you can go. See the recipe here.

5) Egg Cholesla Sandwich

This mouth watering sandwich will add some extra juice to your breakfast. If you are bothered by the regular rent of boiled or scrambled eggs, then this recipe is a must try. The highlight of this dish is Choleslow, a creamy mayonnaise mixed with vegetable and some lime juice. Here’s the recipe.

With these recipes on your home menu, we make sure you look forward to your breakfast every day.



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