Twitter User Eats Bhelpuri In Printed Call Record; Internet In Splits


We love to eat velpuri from the roadside counter; Don’t we? But have you ever noticed that food is served in containers? If you look at the pots, you will see that they are mainly made of paper from old notebooks and magazines that we sell. A Twitter user recently came across an interesting paper container that has delighted the Internet. A man named Prerna Lidhu shared a picture on a micro-blogging site showing him eating velpuri in a container made from someone’s call records. According to printed records, it belonged to a man named Mr. Sandeep Rane. The Twitter post reads, “#DataPrivacy is really a joke in this country. I just found Velpuri in Mr. Run’s itemized call record.” See the post here:

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If you look at the picture, you will see that it is a 2016 record of Sandeep Rana’s person which contains details of all his calls, duration and charges for each call. And soon the post caught my attention and people on the internet started making jokes and memes from it. The tweet received nearly 13,000 likes and thousands of comments and retweets.

“The question is, why didn’t anyone receive Mr. Run’s phone call on this day in 2016? Looks like he did a lot,” the commenter wrote. Another wrote, “What an expensive lick!”

A third comment read, “This is an itemized phone bill. Probably Mr. Rane placed an order from his phone service provider. What made me curious was why all his calls lasted 0 seconds. Is he playing a missed call-missed call?” With someone? “

Prerna Lidhu further writes, “For everyone to ask: Yes, Velpuri was very tasty.”

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