Unlike mother Neena Gupta, Masaba says she doesn’t have the guts to have a baby out of wedlock | Hindi Movie News


Masaba Gupta, daughter of Nina Gupta and Vivian Richards, recently revealed the idea of ​​being tagged as modern and married.

In a recent interview with a news portal, the designer revealed that she has been tagged as too modern to be born because of marriage. However, he added that there is no size that is suitable for everyone. According to him, the responsibility of being modern must be accepted. However, Masaba feels that we have become more intolerant and backward over time.

In more detail, she adds that despite being a modern woman, she does not have the courage to have children outside of marriage. Masaba has reportedly not wanted to take that extra pressure and put a baby in that place.

Masaba also spread some beans on his idea of ​​a perfect man. According to him, he should be a mixture of modern and timeless. The designer added that one has to interact with the ethics, culture and ethics that we have grown up with. According to him, a modern or timeless man should be able to change over time and adapt to things.


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