Viral: NASA Shares Video Of “Pepperoni” Storm On Jupiter (Watch)


Who doesn’t love to enjoy a piece of pizza? It can be one of our favorite go-to foods, regardless of the occasion or time of day. And Pepperoni is undoubtedly at the top of most pizza-lovers’ favorites. Digging a balanced pepperoni pizza seems to be the right way to satisfy hunger pangs. Well, what if we tell you that scientists have found a similar “pepperoni” storm over Jupiter? Yes, you read that right. There is something like this popular pizza topping outside of the giant planet.

NASA recently shared a video on the occasion of National Pizza Day. They captioned the post, “How about Interplanet Pizza Day? Our Juno mission saw ‘Peperoni’ storm over Jupiter. “

The space agency is popular for capturing space images and videos. This time, NASA has aroused the interest of many of its followers with a “pepperoni” clip around Jupiter. The clip is of an infrared view of the planet’s north pole.

So far, the video has been viewed 1.93 million times and the number is growing.

One of the followers wrote, “Extra-large pepperoni pizza. Warm and spicy.”

Another commented, “I just ate a huge meal and now, I want pizza.”

A third user wrote that they actually “thought it was pizza”.

Check out the clip here:

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Now, if this video makes you thirsty for some pizza, below we have some recipes for you. Take a look:

1) Peppery pizza

This is an irresistible recipe that you should not miss when you are ready to taste pizza. It can be easily made in just 15 minutes. This amazing pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese can make your day better. All you need is the ingredients mentioned in the recipe and you can go.

2) Margarita Pizza

It’s a classic pizza and all it takes is a few basic ingredients like tomatoes, basil and of course, the best fresh mozzarella. First, make a nice pizza base and spread the pasta sauce, then the cheese. Now, add the basil leaves, black pepper and olive oil and it is ready.

3) Kebab and cheese pizza

If you are a fan of local food then you must love to eat pizza with Indian twist. Okay, kebab and cheese pizza will definitely tan your taste and give you pleasure. Prepare a nice flavored tomato sauce for this and use lots of homemade spices to make it.

Jupiter’s “pepperoni” storm is coming back, what do you think about it?



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