Viral Now: Elderly Couple In Karnataka Is Serving Unlimited Meals At Just Rs. 50


The Internet is a great source of inspiration for us. We often see videos and anecdotes that warm our spirits and rejuvenate our spirits. In the recent past, we have seen examples of people who work tirelessly 24 hours a day to earn a living. Despite their age, they show no signs of stopping and act as role models for the country’s youth. One such elderly couple from Karnataka is vandalizing the internet. Unlimited food is being served for only money. The video of the 50-year-old couple has gone viral in just a few days. Let’s see:

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The clip of the elderly couple from Karnataka was shared on Instagram relay by blogger couple ksrakshithraiy and @ _mr.swashbuckler_. In just three days, the video has garnered over 1.3 million views and 188k likes.

The name of the food served by the elderly couple is Hotel Ganesh Prasad or ‘Ajja Aji Mane’ locals call it. It is located on Rajgopal Nagar Road in Manipal, Karnataka. According to the blogger, the business has been running since 1951. The couple serves meals every day from 12 noon to 3 pm that you can eat. You can taste the whole food for only fifty rupees. Rice, rasam, dal, payasam, salad and yoghurt are served in a traditional style on a banana leaf – with a fancy smile from the couple.

Instagram users were fascinated and inspired to watch the heartwarming video of the elderly couple from Karnataka. “Greetings to this beautiful couple,” one user wrote, another said, “We used to have our lunch before every MIT exam and get blessings from Aja Azji!”

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