Viral Video: Mans Unnecessary Invention Called The Food Funnel Has Attracted Foodies


An ‘unnecessary invention’ has caught the attention of food lovers all over the world! One person has created a unique invention called ‘Food Funnel’ on the Internet. Its design focuses on food preservation through disposal and recycling of excess food. In his video demonstration, he demonstrates the use of his work equipment by eating a burito. Those who have burrito know that eating this Mexican wrapper is a messy thing, stuffing everywhere. What he invented was collecting all the stuffing from the open end of the funnel. At the narrow end, he puts an empty taco shell, so that all the collected stuffing falls into the shell, creating a taco from the scattered food! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it ?!

This food innovation video has gone viral with 19.2 million views and nearly 698k likes! Uploaded by Instagram handle @unnecessaryinvention and re-shared by 9gag, the intellectual behind this talented invention is Matty Benedetto. Self-taught product designers are known for creating mind-bending yet unnecessary innovations. His page has over 1.3 million followers, full of discoveries that are not needed in real life but just excellent. However, Matthew Benedetto’s food funnel seems to be a lifesaver for the world’s random eaters who can’t help but spread food while eating. Here’s what people have to say about this innovation:

“To be honest (sic) is not a bad idea.”

“With it we can create unlimited tacos”

“Best. Innovation. Ever.”

“Eat burito, sell taco”

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The same creator had earlier made another discovery that food lovers would be happy to see. Called “The Never Napping Bow”, it is a vibrating popcorn bowl designed to automatically wake you up if you fall asleep while watching a movie. Let’s see:

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