Watch: Baby Tries Popsicle For The First Time; Her Adorable Reaction Will Make You Smile Wide


If there’s one thing that lets us go back to Instagram, it has to be adorable baby videos! Children’s videos and their normal activities are just as fun; However, add food to the equation and they become much more fun. Whether it’s a toddler going to Gaga for some food or entertaining us with their subtleties in the kitchen, there’s no end to the sweet baby stuff found online. It’s true that we have hearts in each of these videos, but if you had to choose, what would be your favorite type? We must have videos where children try a certain food for the first time. Missing the pleasure and entertainment of their tiny blinking eyes is adorable, isn’t it?

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We recently saw a video similar to a favorite baby that tried popsicles for the first time; Her happiness is contagious and has conquered the internet. An Instagram video uploaded by the Peanut App, a page that often re-shares child-related content, was originally shared by the baby’s mother @kelsey___ward. The video has 893k views, 81.8k likes and 379 comments. Watch the adorable video here:

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The baby in the video is named Scarlett and what makes her popsicle tasting experience even more magical is the fact that the baby is suffering from late gastric emptying (gastroparesis) and GERD disease. These diseases mean that the baby’s stomach cannot empty itself of food in the normal way and has to be fed with a tube. Although he can eat very small amounts of liquid or puree by mouth, he is still 100% dependent on his tube for nutrition. This means that the baby is not usually fed by mouth and this makes his first popsicle experience even more special.

The audience was amazed to see the baby and his adorable smile; Some of the most heartwarming comments in the video were:

“Her excitement is contagious. I’ve seen myself smile too.”

“My heart is pounding from this cunning!”

“Very nice. Such a heart-warming response.”

“I could see it every single day, over and over again! Sheer joy on her face!”

“Stunning in every way! Bless her heart. Such a joy. What a beautiful witness! My heart! Love her precious smile.”

“Oh I need this happy dose today !!! Her response and smile is so adorable !!”

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Really adorable, isn’t it? What are your favorite baby videos? Let us know in the comments below.



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