Watch: Japanese Grandmother Tries Indian Food For The First Time And Likes It


Indian food, like the culture of the country, is lively and has different foods and flavors from different states. Although the tastes and ingredients may vary from region to region, one thing that unites all for the formation of Indian cuisine is the high spice and flavor quotient. And this lively feature of Indian food has put its cuisine on the world map. Proof is that all those videos of foreign people trying local food and liking them are online.

Recently, a young Australian girl ate an Indian dish of Kadhai chicken with rice and mango ice cream for dessert. We even saw a Vietnamese food blogger try to associate Idli, Vada and Sambhar with the South Indian main combo chutney. She found it “buttery and delicious.” And the last one to hop on a bandwagon was an elderly Japanese woman who went for a North Indian spread.

Watch the video:

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Japanese women tried Indian food for the first time and opted for feather cheese and vegetable curry with parotta. The food was prepared and served by Nisha Xavier, who runs a vegetarian catering company in Kobe, Japan. She posted the video on her Instagram handle ‘Stepin Kitchen’ and captioned the post, “A Japanese grandmother’s reaction to using feather cheese and mixed vegetable curry for the first time!”

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When the woman bites the food, her immediate response is, “Hmm, yummy! What’s this made of?” Nisha Xavier replies, “It’s feather cheese. It’s made from spinach and cottage cheese. Then the woman replies, ‘Hmm yam! Looks healthy. ”

Palak cheese is usually made in Indian families, especially in northern India. If you have never tried it, you should try it. Here is a simple recipe for feather cheese that you can make at home.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it. And, if you have seen more videos of people eating Indian food abroad, share them with us.

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