Watch: Make These 6 Unique And Crispy Potato Snacks For A Delicious Tea Time


In most Indian families tea and snacks go together. It is almost customary to have evening tea with the family, sit together and eat samosas and pakoras. These snacks are extremely popular in our country; Therefore, we often end up eating them! Although we love them, eating them, repeatedly, can be a bit mundane. Sometimes, we want to try some new snacks! If you’re like us, you’ll definitely be looking for new and delicious snacks recipes that will enhance your evening meal with family!

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Potatoes are a favorite snack; Some popular snack recipes include potatoes. They make spicy stuffing and help to give a crispy and crunchy taste when fried! Thanks to a video uploaded by food blogger ‘Cook with Parul’, we have six potato snack recipes that are crispy and delicious. If you are a fan of potatoes then these snacks are perfect for your tea.

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In the video, we learned how to make Crispy Potato Square, Potato Veggie Omelette, Crispy Potato Buttons, Garlic Potato Bread, Potato Veggie Roast and Crispy Potato Sticks. Potato Veggie Rosti is basically a pizza-like potato snack, with pizza filled with delicious stuffed and crispy potatoes. Garlic potato bread is a fusion dish of garlic bread and potato paratha. Crispy potato buttons are like potato nuggets. A potato veggie omelette is a vegetarian version of an omelette with potato stuffing. Crispy potato sticks desi french fries.

Watch this step-by-step recipe video to make these 6 potato snacks:

You can serve this potato snack with tomato ketchup or mint sauce, whichever you prefer.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it ?! Make these snacks and surprise your family with your cooking skills. Tell us how you like it in the comments section!



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