Watch: Russian Man Cooks Food In Extreme Cold; Leaves Internet Amused


They say that mankind always finds a way to survive. Living evidence of this is the confectioners who survive the scorching heat or the people of the Arctic who survive below zero, or the forest dwellers in one of the most remote regions of the world. Sitting in our office chair, while the AC is in full blast and our microwave tells us that our food is ready, it seems almost impossible to survive in the area mentioned above, right? However, people do it, and they do it with admirable spirit! We recently saw a similar video of a man from Russia who took the Internet by storm with a simple cooking video from his region.

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The video has been uploaded by earthpix page. Originally, the video belonged to @pandasakha_official who is a content creator from Sakha, Yakutia. Yakutia is a republic of Russia located in the far east of Russia along the Arctic Ocean. Yakutia can be considered the coldest place on earth where temperatures drop to -50 in the winter months. The climate of the region is such that meat and fish are produced naturally without the use of any external energy. In this video, a Russian man is seen preparing a stew outside his home. He uses a block of ice for water and tosss whole frozen vegetables in the stew. The cooking process is as enchanting as the dish itself. Take a look here:

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The video has garnered over 29 million views and 1.6 million likes. The comments in the video praised the efforts of people living in the area and others. From applauding the man to questioning his choice to live in this situation, there were some comments in the video:

“A typical Russian life”

“Friends, that’s how we live in the winter.”

“If I lived here I would give up my life.”

“It’s definitely nice to eat this hot food in the freezing cold.”

“Incredibly. Bet it was divine.”

“Why would anyone want to be there?”

“Why would you want to live somewhere like that? Go away!”

“Wow !! This video makes me dare to go live in the cold”

“Cooked and eaten before freezing again”

“It’s very difficult to live like that in that place, everything is frozen.”

What do you think of this video? Would you be brave enough to survive by cooking like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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