Watch: US Man Bungee Jumps From 198 Ft For A Donut; Sets Record


The Internet is loaded with videos of people making bold efforts and setting world records. Every moment, we see videos of people eating a lot of food every second, or eating the most spicy pepper in the world. One such bold endeavor has recently caught our attention. It shows a man jumping from a great height for a piece of donut (or donut). You heard us. Guinness World Records recently uploaded a video to its official Instagram handle showing a man named Ron Jones jumping from a height of 198 feet and sinking a donut into a cup of coffee. The caption of the video reads, “Ron Jones US Donut’s maximum dunk (bungee jumping) is 60.553 meters (198 feet 8 inches).” Let’s see:

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The post added, “In 2013, on the US TV show Guinness World Records Unleashed, a donut was dipped into a coffee cup measuring just 8.89 cm (3.5 inches) in diameter.” It added, “The current record for the highest bungee jump is 73.41 meters (240 feet 10 inches) by Simon Berry (UK) who dipped a biscuit in a cup of tea in 2016.”

In the video, we see the man jumping off a hanging platform. And before we knew it, he took a donut in his hand and dipped it into a cup of coffee. The video took the internet by storm and received nearly 66,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Imagine how confidently this guy throws his donuts into normal life,” read a comment. Another commented, “He has taken Dunkin ‘Donuts to a whole new level.” A third commented, “So glad it was done.”

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