Watch: Young Hyderabad Boy Makes His Fathers Food Stall Famous With An Online Video


The Internet is no longer just an entertainment platform; It has now become a powerful marketing medium, helping businesses from all sectors. We often see bloggers and influential people promoting one or the other brand, but it turns out that anyone can market their own with influential content. A young boy from Hyderabad has proved this by promoting his father’s small food business and now the stall has a lot of people visiting to try the menu. This story is as inspiring as it is heart-warming. And it started with a short video clip that the boy made and shared on Twitter by a social worker. Read about it here.

In the video, a boy named Mohammad Adnan shows his father’s Halim shop in Moti Nagar, Hyderabad. The name of the small Halim stall is ‘Alhamdulillah Chicken Halim Stall’. The boy goes to show visitors a variety of food items, starting with a huge pot filled with halim, then he shows them the ingredients they use, including sherwa, lemon peel, mint leaves, chopped cashews and roasted onions.

Let’s see:

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The video was shared by Azhar Maksusi and shared by many more on Twitter. A tweet said, “Hyderabad-based little blogger is working hard to promote his father’s business” Papa Ki Halim “… You need at least a moment of appreciation to visit their stall at Moti Nagar X Road Borabandha or encourage his efforts.”

One user also posted a clip showing a large crowd in front of the stall after the boy’s video became popular.

Let’s see –

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Many Twitter users wanted to know the exact address of the stall so they could visit, and many praised the efforts of the young blogger who helped his father’s business and attracted the attention of several people in Hyderabad.

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We are also fascinated by this bold act of the boy and hope that the internet will help many other small food businesses.



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