Watch: YouTube Chef Tries AIs Recipe To Make Giant Oreo Cake


Baking has emerged as a popular pastime in the last two years. The habit of combining the ingredients, mixing them together and keeping them in the oven makes a delicious dessert every time. We often see cakes and dessert recipes online or try recipes sent to us by previous generations of chefs. How would you respond if the software created a recipe for you to bake and try? A YouTube chef has tried to use an AI-based application called Generative Pre-Trend Transformer 3 to create a recipe for a super most giant Orio cake. The process and the results were quite interesting to watch!

Watch the full video of the YouTube handle ‘How to cook’ here:

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Popular YouTube blogger Ann Reardon has given a shot in the recipe video of this giant Orio Cake recipe. The AI ​​software describes it as, “Of course the Super Mighty Giant Orio Cake recipe takes quite a while and it costs a lot of money, but it’s enough to feed 20 people and it tastes so good that everyone’s eyes will be on it. You have to serve it.” Immediately you. ” The recipe text then follows step by step in the Reardon video, proceeding to describe the ingredients and cooking method.

Spoiler alert – AI’s recipe for Giant Orio Cake has created a cake. In the video, Reardon also forces her husband and son to try a cake. Although the cake has become quite stiff, the video makes for an interesting and funny watch. Many users have poured their feedback into the comments section. People liked the way a piece of gum was used as a cake decoration. “I spit in my coffee while inserting chewing gum into the cake. What a short, yet effective, part of the decoration,” wrote one user. “Now we know where the five-minute craft is getting their baking ideas.”

What did you think of the AI-generated recipe for Orio Cake? Tell us the comments. Meanwhile, if you want to make a delicious Orio Mug Cake in just 10 minutes, click here for the recipe.

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