Weight Loss Diet: This Protein-Rich Ragi And Dal Sprouts Recipe Is Ideal For A Healthy Meal


The only obstacle in the way of following a healthy diet is our urge to eat delicious food. If only those fun foods would be healthy! While this is not possible, we can always go against it and make healthy foods delicious. Now worry how to do it? We have a recipe for you that gives you a delicious meal mixed with color, crunch and flavor. These ragi and dal sprouts in Chila had everything you need for a satisfying meal – full of good taste and health.

You have often heard that different colored foods are always the best. This protein-rich chile mixes a variety of low-calorie vegetables with it and draws protein from rag flour and sprouts. Don’t let a long list of ingredients get you down. Once you’ve assembled them, this chila is a cakewalk.
Dietitian Natasha Mohan shared this recipe on her Instagram page and it looks super tempting. Now let’s see how to make it.

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Protein-rich ragi and sprout chila recipe How do I make instant ragi chila:

Take a bowl of ragi and mix it with water to make a smooth batter. Add chopped onion, carrot, black pepper and chopped cabbage. Also add finely chopped French beans, green peppers, fresh coriander leaves and sprouted mung beans. Season it with salt and pepper. Grease lightly in a non-stick pan and pour a pepper to cook on both sides. Your healthy chila is ready.
You can watch the full recipe video of Ragi and Sprout Chiller here:

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Once you cut your vegetables, this chili can be made in just five minutes, giving you a delicious and healthy meal for your successful weight loss diet.

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