“When In Punjab, Eat Like Punjabis,” Says Shilpa Shetty While Relishing This Classic Dish


In addition to being a fitness and health icon, Shilpa Sethi is a foodie. The actress is currently shooting for her upcoming film in Patiala, Punjab. There, he enjoyed this delicious main dish. In the Instagram story, Shilpa gives us a glimpse of her gastronomic adventures in Punjab. So, what was on his plate? Shilpa Sarsan enjoyed Ka Sag and served incomparable butter on top of Makki di Roti and molasses as well. The actress seemed very happy with the yummy feast in the shooting, and it was clear from her voice.

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In the video, Shilpa first shows off her dish and introduces her followers to the food. Later, he panned the camera towards producer Shikha Sharma, who was with him for food. Shilpa also tried to capture the reaction of another producer Vikram and commented, “The producer is treating us well. Making us fat. “He tagged the two in the story and wrote,” When in Punjab, eat like Punjabis. “

Let’s see:


Whether it is northern food or southern food, Shilpa Sethi is a delicious fan of everything. Recently, the actress shared a boomerang of eating idli with Samba. In the video, Shilpa was having fun in the form of Idli which looked a bit bigger than usual. She captioned the post, “Size is important” and added hashtags, “Idly” and “Breakfast Girl.” Read more about it here.

Shilpa Sethi also believes in eating her favorite food on weekends. Her Sunday Bing videos are exciting on social media. Shilpa enjoys a variety of cakes on such occasions. In his post, we saw about five cakes. Above each was written a word with joy, love, good health, happiness and of course, Sunday Binge. The cakes were decorated with strawberries. Click here to see Shilpa Sethi’s delicious Sunday binge.

It seems that Shilpa Sethi’s food diary has a special place for home-made food. Once, he conducted a “Ask Me Something” session on Instagram. One follower asked, “What does your dinner look like?”, Where Shilpa posted a picture of her delicious plate. It had greens with mixed greens, mixed vegetables and butter dollops that looked like bread. Take a look here.

Shilpa Sethi’s culinary adventures are a treat for the eyes. Keep them coming, Shilpa!



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