Whoa! Man Finds 60-Year-Old McDonalds Meal While Renovating Home


What’s the most amazing thing you’ve discovered while renovating your home – old photographs, school mementos or your childhood attire? A Reddit user, however, has made a bizarre and startling discovery that is beyond anything he can imagine. Rob (u / slamminsammy2109) was surprised when he discovered an old McDonald’s food hidden in his bathroom wall! Believe it or not, he actually found the wrapping and frying intact on the walls of his house. She took to sharing a photo of the sub-Reddit r / enlightened food that seems to be dating at least 60 years or more ago. See the deleted post here now.

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A typical McDonald’s meal consists of burgers and fries.

The image that Rob shared on Reddit was widely circulated on social media and covered by multiple media outlets. At the click, we see three McDonald’s packaging that looks empty and may contain burgers before. Rob found a packet of fries on the wall of his Illinois home, which he said was ‘still crisp’. “During the renovation it was found on the wall of my bathroom. Our house was built in 1959 and it is definitely there. It is still very crisp,” he wrote in his post.

“Our house is very close to the McDonald’s location that was opened at the time so I assume it entered our walls from the original builders,” he told Newsweek.

McDonald’s unique packaging gives people a glimpse into the history of the burger giant. It also seemed funny that McDonald’s food was hidden on the wall. Rob’s unusual search has received a lot of comments and reactions on Reddit. “Wow, this is an explosion of my past,” one user wrote while another said, “Sir, you are officially an archaeologist.”

Here are some responses:

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