Winter pet care tips for your furry companions


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Winter pet care tips for your fur mates

Winters in India range from pleasant winters to extremes, and both you and your pet need just as much care as the mercury drops! If you think hairy coats are enough to keep them warm, you will join many pet parents who make the same mistake. But you need to make sure your partner is as healthy and comfortable as possible so that they can enjoy the best of the cold season with you!

Here are the top 6 winter pet care tips that will make your life easier. Dr. Binod Sharma, Head of Veterinary Services – DCC Animal Hospital and Pet Care and one of the leading veterinarians in India. His company has earned a place in the Limca Book of Records for organizing the first blood bank in India for animals.

Learn the temperature that your pet can handle

Just like humans, you need to understand their pets’ tolerance based on a variety of factors, including their coat, body fat stores, activity level and health. Although long-haired or thick-skinned pets are generally more cold-resistant, short-haired or those with shorter legs feel colder due to increased exposure. So, make sure your pets are wearing a suitable cover or coat made for them and check them regularly.

Keep their outdoor hours during the day

This is for dogs; If you haven’t already, walk them late in the morning or early in the afternoon when it’s hot outside. Not only will it be more comfortable, walking or playing in the sun gives them the much needed dose of vitamin D!

Make sure their bed is warm and comfortable

While we all know how much our pets like to claim every place in the whole house as their own, we should make sure that they have a place of their own that is adequately warm and comfortable. It became their safe haven with their familiar warm blankets and toys. In addition, if your home has heaters or fireplaces of any kind, make sure they are pet-proof, and that your pets don’t accidentally injure themselves when looking for warmth.


Dog or cat, dry and cold weather can be as bad for your pet’s skin as it is for us. Sometimes, more. In consultation with your veterinarian, you can add a skin and coat supplement to their diet to help prevent dry, flaky or cracked skin. Coconut oil is also a great natural moisturizer that you can apply externally if needed.

Avoid over-feeding

There is a common misconception that increasing the amount of food your pet eats can protect them from the cold, but it can be catastrophic for them. To keep your pets healthy and adjust their calorie intake based on their activity level, you need to monitor their weight throughout the season. Again, you can consult your veterinarian for a high-quality whole-food diet for your pet.

Make sure they are hydrated

Winter lowers our water consumption, just as much as it can your pet. But dehydration can be fatal for them! So, in winter, make sure their water bowls are never empty and make sure they are drinking enough water.



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