World No Tobacco Day 2022: Lifestyle changes recommended to prevent Cancer


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World No Tobacco Day 2022: Lifestyle changes are recommended to prevent cancer

A report released by the World Health Organization in 2022 states that more than 7 million people are exposed to harmful side effects of tobacco use each year, yet the rate of tobacco use among all ages in India continues to rise at an alarming rate. We are all aware of the dangers posed by regular smoking. It is a major cause not only in the treatment of severe cardiovascular and respiratory diseases but also in cancers of the lungs, larynx, oral cavity and throat, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, stomach, liver, cervix, kidney and various other types. Acute myeloid leukemia.

How Tobacco Affects Your Health

Tobacco contains carcinogenic chemicals known as carcinogens that increase insulin resistance, high blood pressure, acute respiratory disease and osteoporosis. It also affects our reproductive system and can cause infertility. During pregnancy, smoking is strictly forbidden for women as it can lead to premature birth and childbirth, birth defects, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. For men, smoking often leads to sperm damage.

The first step in living a healthy life is to quit smoking and to avoid second-hand or passive smoking. It ensures a number of health benefits such as reduced cancer risk, improved prognosis of cancer patients, better lung capacity, reduced health impact, and so on. In addition, avoiding / quitting smoking during the diagnosis of cancer ensures better treatment results.

Although it is widely known that the risk of cancer depends on the type of lifestyle one chooses, the following are some lifestyle changes recommended to reduce the risk of cancer:

Say no to tobacco and alcohol consumption – Excessive alcohol or tobacco consumption can lead to various health concerns which can lead to serious problems like cancer related diseases. Therefore, quitting smoking and alcohol can increase the body’s ability to fight infections and the body’s resistance to disease.

Stay physically active – Incorporating physical exercise into our daily routine can help us maintain proper body weight. Light yoga, zumba or cycling can help a person stay physically fit and ignore health effects.

Eat a healthy diet – Eating right and drinking enough water keeps the body healthy and clean. Our dishes must be full of essential nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. It is also advisable to take iron or calcium supplements after consulting a specialist. In addition, drinking enough water not only hydrates our body, helps digestion, normalizes body temperature and flushes out unwanted bacteria from our bladder.

ঘুম Good sleep – Experts often suggest that less than 6 hours of sleep can increase a person’s risk of cancer. Proper sleep is important because it can reduce the risk of drowsiness, leading to health problems such as diabetes, insomnia and heart disease. A good night’s sleep reduces the risk of early death and maintains blood pressure.

Nicotine content can lead to tobacco addiction which makes quitting smoking a long and difficult journey. The harmful effects of smoking have been addressed in our country in the last few years and now we have a program to stop smoking with a specially designed plan for smokers.

-Dr. Shivakumar – Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, North Bangalore Hospital and Trust In Hospital



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