Zaika Galiyon Ka: Indulge In Lip-Smacking Street Flavours Of India At Radisson, Udyog Vihar


You can go anywhere in the vicinity of India, and one thing you will definitely find is the food crowd on the streets. Be it the famous Litti Chokka of Bihar, the Vada Pao of Maharashtra, the lip lick of Delhi or the favorite pucha of Bengal; There is no end to what you can have. However, when we crave street food, we don’t always find all the state famous items in one market. So, we have to move from one place to another in search of our favorite street food. But do you get to have all the things in one place? Wouldn’t that be great ?! Well, if you want to find all the street food together, trust us, you are lucky! Radisson, the latest event of Uyog Vihar, has come up with a celebration of Indian street food at Zaika Galiyon Ka!

The concept created by Vikram and Manish from Desi Connoisseur depicts the taste of India. They brought food from Bihar, Bengal, UP, Delhi, Mathura, Lucknow, Benares, Mumbai and South India! And not only that; Keeping in mind the diversity of Indian street food, but this pair has also presented us some delicious delights from Indo-Chinese food!


After talking to their general manager Namit Vij, he added, “Street food is always a weak link in terms of food hygiene and safety. Love of street food does not prevent people from exploring the value of their health. It’s a way to make sure you can enjoy the same taste and smell. “

So, to get a taste of JICA galion ka, we recently went to the event and picked up some famous items from different states! At first, starting from Bihar’s famous Litti Choka, it had the perfect sharp taste that you would expect from a dish. Then move on to Bengali cuisine, we recommend you to try potato chaat in spicy puchka and yummy chola!


For street food in Delhi, you can’t miss Bedmi Puri!


Coming to South Indian cuisine, you will find Podi Masala Idli, Fish Curry, Uttapams, Chicken 65 and many more.


Lastly, for the Indo-Chinese section, Chaumin, Spring Rolls and Manchurian will ask you more.


The event also had an array of Indian desserts, including Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Gunjia, Nan Khatai, Pastries and Cakes!


So, if you want to get famous street food items from different regions in one place, you can’t miss JICA GALION KA!

Where: Radisson, Shilpa Bihar

Cost for one: 1800 plus tax

Date: April 29 to May 8



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