Zomato issues clarification over ‘instant 10-minute food delivery’ announcement outrage


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Zomato Releases Outrage at Announcing ‘Instant 10-Minute Food Delivery’

Online food delivery platform Zomato on Tuesday issued an explanation for its outrage over the announcement of an ‘instant 10-minute food delivery’. On Monday, company founder Dipinder Goel announced that Zomato would soon start delivering instant 10-minute meals, which drew a lot of criticism.

On Tuesday, Goyal tweeted, “Hello Twitter, good morning. I want to tell you more about how a 10-minute delivery works and how it’s as safe as a 30-minute delivery for our delivery partners. This time, please take 2 minutes to read it.” Earlier), added, “Again, 10-minute delivery is as safe for our delivery partners as 30-minute delivery. God, I like LinkedIn. “He added an emoticon to his tweet.

In a blog post, however, he said the company is not putting any pressure on its delivery partners to deliver fast food but will achieve the goal by relying on a network of dense finishing stations, located near high-demand customer neighborhoods. .

Explaining why the company is making instant deliveries, Goyal said on Monday, “Customers are demanding a quick answer to their needs. They don’t want to plan and they don’t want to wait. . “

After becoming a frequent customer of Blinkit, one of Zomato’s investments in fast trading, Goyal said he is beginning to realize that Zomato’s average 30-minute delivery time is too slow, and should soon become obsolete. “If we don’t make it obsolete, someone else will,” he insisted.

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