Zomato Reminds Good Old Days To People With This Viral Post


Zomato is known for taking this fun on social media. And, again, the company has met our expectations. The latest post from the Food Delivery App reminds us of the good old “not stressful days”. We must say that Zomato has made a successful effort to remind us of the dangers of wandering around with the aroma of home-cooked food. The alert-cum-deadline, usually given to our beloved mothers, was for the pressure cooker flute. Related?

“Life was good when we had only one deadline 3 That [whistle] Main Cooker Band Corn [Turn off the gas after three whistles]Jomato wrote in a tweet.

Of course, users were transported to the days when life was, as they say, easy.

One of the first responses came from Paytm, a digital payment platform. The company has introduced a timed version of their own, with a twist. The tweet read, “Life was good when concentrating on school was the only important meaning of the day.”

This person spoke for us when he said, “Mera cooker seti not to give usai time who closed the account. With 15 minutes left, the band had a deadline. “

On social media platforms there was the feeling of “failing on time since childhood”.

Users have also not backed down and said how nostalgia feels in their own lives. One person wrote, “Life was good when we had only one deadline When the water in the tank overflowed, he stopped the pay motor.

“Andrea han se pehle khel ke ghar aa jaana” The deadline tweet was another related acceptance.

And, are you among those who had to keep a check while in the milk boiler? If yes, then this post is for you.

Let us know your deadline moment?



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