Zynga Plans First NFT Game Launch by 2022 While Expanding Its Horizon Further Into the Web3 Space


Zynga, a San Francisco-based online and mobile game developer best known for its FarmVille and CSR racing series, has announced plans to move to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based gaming, among other expansion plans in the Web3 space. Game developer plans for blockchain-based gaming come four months after the firm hired Matt Wolf, vice president of blockchain gaming, in November 2021. Zinga is also reportedly considering expanding its blockchain staff to about 15. The end of the year.

Talking about the firm’s NFT-based gaming plans with Axios, Matt Wolf said that Zynga’s planned blockchain-based games would be completely new games because it doesn’t “make sense” to immediately start adding NFT to existing games like FarmVille.

He said players could expect the new games to look like a mafia war, a now closed social media game where players took on the role of gangsters and worked to create their own crime families.

Wolf makes it clear that the company’s game developers will always have the option to opt-in and out of any NFT plan – a position that is probably a lesson from internal protests against technology from other gaming companies – EA and Ubisoft.

That said, despite the criticism, Wolfe sees NFT and blockchain technology as the obvious next step in ginger evolution so that tokenized systems create new and realistic forms of value, ownership and resource creation for gamers.

“By creating an integrated experience that empowers players to own their gaming journey, our goal is to expand the reach of Ginger’s audience and increase engagement and retention,” he added.

Looking at the larger picture of where tokenized systems are in the gaming community, Zinga seems to be taking more aggressive steps than many other gaming companies in the blockchain-based gaming sector because cryptocurrency-related features often draw reactions from angry gamers. Some players who have added NFT to their gaming experience believe that companies are looking for new ways to make money from their customers.



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