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9+ Top Puzzle Games for Android in 2021

 9+ Top Puzzle Games for Android in 2021


Puzzles can be really fun especially when you are bored. You won’t even feel the passage of time while playing a puzzle game. So, Warm up your brain, forget about worries for a minute, and start playing these puzzle games. Here we have got a collection of some best puzzle games for android that were trending in 2020.10+ Top Puzzle Games for Android in 2020

Two Dots

A minimalistic but addictive puzzle game in which you need to connect as many dots of the same colour as possible in a certain number of moves. In this case, the selected points immediately disappear, and their place is taken by objects from the upper tiers. The ideal game for public transport and queuing.

Cut the Rope 

Cut the Rope is a world-famous series of puzzles from the Russian-British studio ZeptoLab. The main character of the games is a small dinosaur who loves sweets very much. You need to cut the ropes and move objects so that candy and other goodies fall right into the character’s mouth. The cartoon image and animation of the main character will not leave indifferent either children or adults.


It’s easy to see the traits of Tetris in BlockuDoku. Here, too, you need to place objects in an optimal way so that the fully occupied horizontal rows disappear, giving room for new shapes. But the game does not limit you in time. The main thing is to fit as many objects as possible on the plane. 

Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders combines puzzle and crossword elements. The game gives definitions and sets of letters, and the user needs to add implied words from them. Some answers come to mind right away, others have to be pondered. As a result, you will not only kill time but also replenish your vocabulary.


A game with beautiful oriental music, as well as hypnotic patterns for the player to work with. To advance through the KAMI 2 levels, you need to fill in the fields with one colour for the specified number of moves. In addition, users can create their own levels and publish them to other members.


This non-trivial puzzle relies on a gyroscope. Therefore, you have to think outside the box and twist the smartphone a lot in your hands. The game is designed in such a way that the user does not even need to touch the screen. However, it is very important to follow visual or audio cues. For a truly extraordinary gaming experience, be sure to try Blackbox.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley’s trump card is its superior design. Stylized graphics and atmospheric music instantly create a fairytale feel. The player must guide the heroes through the world of optical illusions and strange architectural forms. To do this, you need to move objects so that they open the way for the characters. The heroine of the first part is the silent princess Ida, and the second tells the touching story of a mother and daughter.

The Room

In The Room series, the player will find the secrets of mystical rooms and cunning mechanisms. You have to look for keys, move levers, interpret clues and go through secret doors. To unravel all the secrets, you have to be patient and be smart. Almost every next part of The Room is larger and deeper than the previous one. You must check out this game, you will not regret.


The FRAMED spy dilogy is remembered for its non-standard gameplay. On each screen, you will see several animated slides representing fragments of a single story. Place them in the correct order, and then the hero will be able to hide from pursuers and achieve his goal. FRAMED also has an interesting visual style: the game looks like a comic book coming to life.10+ Top Puzzle Games for Android in 2020

Deus Ex GO

A puzzle based on the famous Deus Ex video game series. The main character is the same cyborg Adam Jensen. In his image, the player will have to use stealth, as well as combat and hacking skills to advance through the levels and participate in tactical battles. Deus Ex GO offers an isometric view of locations and turn-based gameplay.

Mini Metro

You can make your own subways in the Mini Metro game. Your task is to make sure that he can cope with the constantly growing flow of passengers. To do this, you need to effectively lay paths between stations on a schematic map and control trains. It sounds boring, but it’s actually hard to come off.10+ Top Puzzle Games for Android in 2020


These games are too addictive. You may spend your week on clearing the levels of these games. This list of games would be very useful if you love puzzle games. You can check out more gaming related articles at gaming freak. If you still have any query or suggestions then please mention them in the comment box.



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  1. I have always been a big fan of puzzle games and I have played most of the games you mentioned in your list. My personal favorite is Monument Valley followed closely by Two Dots. I am a bit surprised that you didn’t mention Total Party Kill in your list which is also an excellent game.

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