But the real question is, we are not able to get a complete phone signal every time. Hence that’s the reason we are here. As in this post, we will look at 7 things that we can do to improve our network strength for the better.

If you are someone who faces the issue of an incomplete phone signal or lower signal strength, then make sure to follow this post till the end.

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Phone Signal: 

Although there are several ways with the help of which you can improve your network, we have filtered the 7 best methods to do so, which are as follows:

  • Check your phone for damage: 

The first thing you need to have a look at in your phone is to check if there is some damage to your phone or not. Because it is said that, if we drop our cell phone no matter if we have put it in a case or not, your phone can face some damage that can lead to weaker signal strength.

In most cases, it is noticed that people try to find cell phone tower locations whenever they are out of phone signal, but if your phone is damaged, you can also face this issue.

  • Update the software: 

Make sure to update the software of your phone, with the help of which you would be able to notice several changes in cell phone signal management, and they are going to enhance the network efficiently.

If your cell phone was showing some issues in collecting the signal initially, you should ask about an urgent software update from your cell phone manufacturers that will surely help you a lot.

  • Use wifi calling: 

If you do not have a proper signal and are in a hurry to make some urgent calls, you should use the wifi calling feature with the help of which you would be able to make the urgent calls.

Moreover, if you face issues with your phone signal suddenly, you can put your phone on airplane mode and carry forward the calls using wifi. Right after some time, you can try putting the phone back to normal mode.

  • Disable LTE: 

If you have a 4g phone that uses LTE for connecting calls and signal strength, you should try to disable your LTE services for some time, with the help of which you would connect to a 3g network, the signal strength will be improved.

It is suggested whenever you are traveling to a place where there is a lack of 4g network conditions. You should try to disable LTE services so that the connection can downgrade itself. You would be able to connect your phone with a 3g or 2g network with higher signal strength. 

  • Upgrade to a newer phone: 

Here we have our next method with the help of which you can enhance your phone network strength, and that is by upgrading to a newer phone. Although most people think that the signal strength issue is because of your service provider, it can be because of your older cell phone.

Hence that’s the reason it is suggested to you for upgrading to a newer phone. Moreover, it will also help you in taking advantage of better cell phone connectivity options.

  • Ask your cell service provider: 

The next option for improving the signal strength is asking your service provider directly. They would be able to let you know about the issue that’s leading to lower signal strength.

Hence you can follow the steps offered by them and take advantage of higher signal strength.

  • Change your carrier: 

If you have tried all the above-mentioned steps and still haven’t got your problem solved, then you should change your carrier.

This was all about seven things you can do to improve the signal.