July 18, 2024

Why I’m Excited to Get Back To Living (And Working) As a Digital Nomad

For many people, 2020 was all about getting used to working from home and not in their office or on location. It was a big change for many people and they had to completely adapt their routine to make this new situation a successful one.


For me, however, I had to get used to a completely different routine. I went from being a full-time digital nomad who traveled the world while working, to stay in one place and work out of a small room. It was a drastic change for me and I struggled to make the most out of it.


As an entrepreneur and the founder of Retirement Investments, I work a lot. And I usually recharge my batteries by visiting new places, seeing extraordinary sites, meeting new people, and stimulating my senses.


During the last year, I’ve had to find new ways to focus my mind and motivate my senses. I’ve been able to do it, but I still long for the opportunity to travel and live as a digital nomad.


Here’s why living as a digital nomad is a great way to live (and run a business):

(1) New Collaboration Partners

During my time traveling, I’ve been able to find so many work partners, collaborators, future employees, and just people who make a great connection in my network.


People from different companies can offer a new perspective, fresh ideas, and some new skills.

(2) Seeing New Workspaces

In every new city I work in, I find a collaboration zone to settle into and a place to call my own (while in this location). This is one of my favorite things about working in a new place and allows me to gain motivation from a fresh new workspace.


Each workspace has something that I like and everyone is very different than the last one.

(3) Taking Your Mind Off Work

Whenever I’m not working, I hit the streets and see new places. This excitement immediately takes my mind off of work and helps me de-stress from anything that might be bugging me.


From finding a good place to hike, touring a local museum, just walking the streets, finding a good place to get a coffee or food, or a variety of other things – there’s so much to do in a new location (no matter what kind of place it is).


I have no time to stress over my work when I start to tour a new place and it allows me to get away from work and refocus. This is a great way to live!

(4) Making Sure Your Money Goes Towards Something Good

When I travel and spend my money on things like plane tickets, hotel stays, touring expenses, and more, it makes me feel good about putting it toward something worthwhile. Many people will spend their hard-earned money on things that offer no value but, when traveling, I know it’s going toward something I’ll have forever.


There’s no better way to spend your money than creating memories and seeing new places I’ve always dreamed of.

(5) Happiness Makes You Work Harder

The final reason – and the biggest reason – for living as a digital nomad is the happiness it provides. It makes me feel alive, energetic, grateful, and just happy to live the life I am able to lead.


Living as an entrepreneur who can travel the world and still succeed is a big opportunity that I can’t take for granted. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given and life as a digital nomad in 2021 is something I’ve worked hard for.


I can’t wait to get back to this type of lifestyle and I encourage everyone else who can do it, to just go ahead and do it. It’s a great way to live and work!


Bio: Donny Gamble is a Serial Entrepreneur and the founder of Retirement Investments. He lives as a digital nomad and loves to travel the world while working.