July 23, 2024

How to sanitize your entryway

The enormous spread of Covid-19 has certainly brought a drastic change in our cleanliness

habits. We’ve been conscious about our safety, health and cleanliness more than ever. It’s like,

they have become the prime motives of our lives. The fear of this virus has spread far quickly

than the Covid-19 virus itself.


Only maintaining a social distance, cleaning your home and wearing gloves and masks won’t

work, the best way to keep yourself and your home safe is by regularly sanitizing the entry ways

and the points that come in contact with you. You need to be thoroughly attentive while

sanitizing it.


Learn a few mandatory tips on how you to sanitize your entryway and keep your home sanitized

and protected to keep your home virus-free:


Clean doors is a NO Entry to virus:

Your door is the entryway to your home, a lot of people come in direct contact with it. Right

from your maid, newspaper & milkman to delivery boys, and also family members are in direct

touch with your door. Even if one of those is carrying the virus, it can spread like a wildfire in no

time. Therefore, it is important to completely clean and sanitize your doors.

Have a good effective surface disinfector spray or a mixture of soap and water to sanitize your

door. Don’t forget to wear a mask before getting in the act. Make sure to clean all the corners

and seams properly.


Door Knob Check:

People usually tend to ignore or neglect the smaller parts. Same can happen with door knobs or

handles. While cleaning your door, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the door knobs. They are the

most to come in direct contact with anyone who enters or exits your home. For the matter of

fact, you should clean the doorknob or just spray a surface disinfector on it as soon as anyone

enters or leaves your home.


No Entry to your footwear:

Yes, don’t let your footwear enter your home. Along with thorough door cleaning and entryway

mopping, it’s equally necessary to not let even a single dirt and dust enter your home. Your

footwear can easily carry a lot of germs or even the virus which will eventually enter your home

if you don’t keep your footwear outside. Sanitize or wash your feet before your enter the home.

In addition, keep a shoe rack outside your entryway, so that you can keep your footwear safe

outside too. It will keep your entryway safe and sanitized from the virus, moreover, it would look



Carpet/Rug change often:

We all know that the carpet adds more styles to your home interior designing. Dirt and dust are those tough guys who don’t go inspite of all measures, they will still be stuck in your homes, mostly on your carpets and rugs. Regularly use a vacuum to suck the dust out or simply change the carpets and rugs on your entryway frequently. You can also use a sanitizer spray to kill the dust and virus if any.


Precautions for delivery items:

The items you order online are in direct contact with countless people on their way. Be it e-

commerce items or the food delivery, it is extremely important to sanitize them before letting

them inside your home. Cheap and best, keep a bag on your entryway! Whenever an item is

delivered, put it directly in the bag, spray a sanitizer inside the bag and eradicate the germs or

virus on it.

If the delivery person hangs the delivery bag on the doorknob, don’t forget to sanitize the doorknob

as well. Also, avoid touching the bag directly, always wear a glove.

The situation demands us to be extra cautious in these times of pandemic. Along with the

entryway, also clean the corners inside your home. With all the precautionary measures, we

shall successfully sail past this unfortunate event in our lives.