June 17, 2024

12 Mind-Blowing Facebook Tips and Tricks

1 Look back Your Memories on Previous Year

When you share a post or upload a photo or video, Facebook saves it in a memories section. If you want to see your old memories of the same day of the previous year, then first open your Facebook app->tap on three bar on the right side corner->then scroll down, and you will find an option called “Memories” -> tap on it, and now you can see all your that day memories. You can again share this post in your timeline. This is a very useful and interesting feature. Also, learn about how to get more real followers on Facebook easily.


2 Play Games On Facebook

Many people like to play games, and they install many other games app from the play store or AppStore. If you are a person who wants to play lightweight games, then you do not have to install any games app, you can play games within Facebook App. First, Open your Facebook App->tap on three bars ->then scroll down and tap on “Gaming”. In this gaming section, you can play games. There are 100+ games available. You can play games and can send a game cha; challenge to your other friends on Facebook. This is a very interesting trick which many people do not know.


3 Use Instagram All-Story Feature in Facebook

In Instagram, there are many interesting features in Story. Recently Facebook launches their story feature; you can use Boomerang, add music over the photo and add a sticker according to your mood, Which is an interesting trick from Facebook.


4 Mute Friends Who Post Too Much

Sometimes people post unnecessarily, but you do not want to unfriend them. In that case, this feature will help you a lot. If using this feature, then you can’t see any post from that person. First, open that friend profile ->tap on the friend icon->tap on unfollow. That’s it. Now you cant see a post from that person without blocking.


5 Save Your Favourite Post on Facebook

Sometimes you like some photos or videos and want to collect those posts but do not worry, you can also do this, but many people do not know this trick. First, you just have to find a post that you want to save ->tap on three-dot over the right of the post -> tap on Save Post. Now it’s saved to your Facebook account. Remember, this is not downloaded to your phone gallery. It only saves in the Facebook app.

First, open the app ->tap on three bar -> scroll down and click on the Saved option to find your saved collection. Now you can get all your saved posts.


6 Download Facebook Photos and Videos To Your Gallery

Sometimes you like some photos and videos and want to download and save them in your gallery. On Facebook, there is an option to save the only photo to your gallery but not the video. If you want to save a photo, simply select the photo and long-press on that photo, and then click on save photo. Now your photo is saved to your gallery.

If you want to download a video to your gallery, then there are lots of websites on google. You just have to copy that video link -> search on google “Facebook video downloader” -> select a website and paste that link then now you can download that video. There are also many apps on the play store, which can download your Facebook video.


7 Turn On Dark Mode On Facebook

This is the most useful, and most people want to use this feature, but Facebook released this feature in recent years. Dark Mode helps to keep the eye-safe from blue light. If you want to use this Facebook Dark Mode feature, first Open the app ->tap the three-bar menu -> go to settings ->click on Dark Mode and Turn On this. Booom Now Your Facebook App turn in to dark mode.

If you want to use dark mode on Desktop, then the first log in your account -> tap on the Account option on the top right side corner -> click on dark mode and enable this. Now your Facebook website will be turned into dark mode.


8 Turm Off Birthday Notification

If you have thousands of friends and check your notification daily, then every day must be someone’s birthday, but sometimes it is so irritating to see birthday notification. So if you want to turn off everyone’s birthday notification, then first go to Settings ->Notification -> In this list, find Birth Day and turn it off. Now you will not receive any one birthday notification.


9 Download All You’re Facebook Data

If you want to download all your Facebook data, then you can easily download your data. Your all data like which you have liked and comment on, your friend list, the photo you have uploaded and shared, message you have sent and received in this file.

First Go to settings ->Your Facebook Information -> Download Your Information ->Click on the check box -> select your file format HTML /jSON. -> then click on create file.


10 Disable Seen Message on Facebook Messanger

Sometimes you do not want to show that you have not seen the message. If you want to use this feature, then this can be only possible if you use the chrome extension on PC. First, download an extension called Unseen For Facebook. Whenever it install when you are ready for a chat, tap the icon, and make sure that this is turned on.


11 Save Links To Read Later

If you are scrolling through the news feed of Facebook and you find some interesting articles and want to read them, then this trick will help you. You can read all these links to read later whenever you free. First, find the list -> tap on the three-dot menu ->click on Save Link. That’s it. If you want to read them later, Open your Saved folder, and you can see all your saved files and links.


12 Add Your Other Social Media Links to Your Profile

This trick will help you to get more followers on other social media platforms. First Open your Profile -> tap on See Your About Info ->Go to Contact Info Edit ->tap on social links that are it. Now it will appear on your profile.

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